Summon Your Inner Multitasker: don’t JUST make dinner

So your going to make dinner…


Let’s say you’re cooking a wonderful casserole, so your pulling out the carrots and the celery and simultaneously thinking of all the things you need to make with it before it goes bad.


While you are washing and slicing your veggies instead of just preparing what you need, I find it to be worth an extra few minutes of my time to go ahead and pre-slice everything all at once and to stick it in a baggie for the next time I need it. You don’t have to use every recipe in your cookbook that calls for celery and carrots before it goes bad that way, and it saves time later. Or perhaps you would rather slice up that celery and fill it with cream cheese for a healthy snackIMG_20150928_165351Use a rubber band to separate carrots from dressing. Continue reading