My New Favorite Site


I have been waking up with an allergy attack every morning for the past few weeks. Because of this wonderful site, I now know a lot more about dust mites then I knew before (which was absolutely nothing.) Turns out neglecting those fan blades IS noticeable, TO ME.

After finding that article, I did some poking around and I love all of their articles about the science of cleaning! It is awesome.  (I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS, AND THERE IS NO INCENTIVE. I simply found it inspiring. They even offer cleaning classes! Worth looking into people!

Making the Nightmare Rental Kitchen Livable

FIRST: I would grow something.

Okay so I am new to this, and I will probably add more when I do some more testing and see what works and what doesn’t. If your like me, and have no green thumb to think of, this method might for work for you….

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