8 Ways part 3

RECAP: You probably haven’t read part one or part two. I have maybe 7-8 followers right now (THANK YOU!). But because you missed it, I decided that I was going to make-up for all of the romance that I have neglected in our relationship in 8 big ways.

This is the biggest way by far. I have been working on these changes for a while now, and I am confident enough in my ability to continue with my new good habits to introduce new ones, and to finally start talking about it!

So, I had a talk with my husband recently… Continue reading

8 Ways: Part 2

IMG_20151010_140329Check back to see it completed , this is currently a work in progress.

For those who haven’t read my first post: For my 8 year anniversary I am showing my husband 8 ways that I love him. (BTW all of which are frugal)

So my husband’s helmet was stolen at work 3 times, and so for this helmet, he Continue reading