The Unconventional Nursery

I don’t actually call it a nursery because that’s not what it is. It is a PLAY ROOM.

I ordered one of those metal stack-able shelves. You can rearrange them however you want, and they are relatively cheap. I wanted something that would allow the shelves to grow with him.

If you have kids, you already know that putting away the toys is useless. Your boy, (or girl) needs to be able to see them in order to play with them.

I find that when I put them away now, the way that I do, my son finds new interest in his toys, overwhelmed with excitement when he enters this simple yet colorful room of wonder.

I can’t paint the walls, so instead I hung a large quilt. If you don’t know a quilt maker, just go find a cool pattered fabric you like from a fabric store, tuck in the edges and hang with some thumb tacks. I also have little hot air balloons made out of paper lanterns hanging from the city, and a hot air balloon quilt on the opposite wall, as well as a small TV loaded with veggie tales silly songs.

Where’s the crib? Well I have a crib, but we have never used it. My son is breastfed and life is just so much easier when she share the bed. I feed him to sleep, he sleeps through the night, and the best part is I do too. So the pieces of the crib are used as baby gates. Just add bungie chords and your golden.

Also we have a radio flyer wagon that he is too small to use, so we use it for clothes storage for him.

There we have it ladies and gentlemen! The safety of a really large padded crib filled with toys.  (The room is the crib.) Love it? Tell me about it and share your frugal ideas Momma!





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