Making Your Own Tortilla Chips


This is ridiculously simple. Also it happens to be a great way to add an additional flair to a party, whether or not you make this into footballs or hearts is irrelevant.


Step 1: choose your Tortilla’s. Corn works best, as I discovered last night. Usually I use corn, but I found myself out of chips last night and used flour without thinking about it. They still tasted good, they just tasted more like crackers..

For traditional tortilla chips, simply make two cuts across the middle at 90 degrees. For these hearts I went one step further and rounded the larger end into hearts with my knife.


Then simply deep fry. I discovered this because being a resident of Kentucky we deep fry everything. If you want to make something sweet, simply have some cinnamon sugar ready when you pull it out of the deep fryer. For something more like a dorito, mix some chili spices in a bowl and have it ready when it comes out. I might play around with better ways of adhering spices and update this later.


My favorite way to spice them though is to have a lime wedges ready and wipe it across one side, then salt it.


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Thanks for reading.


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