Granola Shmola


A few months ago, I found myself buying organic granola, things like pumpkin flax, (cause I buy anything that has the word pumpkin in it. Shhh) NOT that it even tasted like pumpkin. Turns out it only has the seeds. I had never even stopped to consider what granola even is. It is simply OATS! Why am I paying $5 for a small box of oats?

I discovered that making my own granola is quite simple. Once I started making granola, I moved on to making granola bars, and I am addicted to the stuff. Even better, I can make whatever flavors that I want!


So the other day when I went to make my weeks batch of granola cereal, I was a bit limited on ingredients. I wasn’t going to blog it till I went to the grocery, this was just for me, and I worked with what I got. Turned out delicious beyond my expectations however and I went back and took pictures, because this unique combination is now my favorite this far!

I was out of butter, so I used just some vegetable oil, and molasses until all the oats were wet. ( I don’t measure, I just pour until it looks right ). However I’m guessing that using half butter and half oil will get better results than just oil.

I was out of cinnamon, or I would have used that too. Use pumpkin spices, which are simply cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. I usually make a shaker with all 3 spices premixed, tossing in a bit of ground clove as well, but be careful not to use too much clove.

For the purpose of this recipe though, I went heavy on the spices, especially clove, and easy on the molasses.

If you use brown sugar, you can skip the molasses, I mix my own brown sugar (molasses+sugar=brown sugar), I like mine darker than what you would buy in store, and every baker probably has some on hand anyway.

Because I was out of nuts and fruit, aside from Clementine’s, I took a risk and put little pieces of peel in with it. They say the peel is the most nutritious part. I have made candied orange peel and it is essentially the same. I squeezed in some juice as well and added vanilla as an after thought.



Then I mixed it up and baked until I reached desired consistency. I usually bake it until it is a bit darker and crunchier, but because I had no butter, I knew from experience that it will burn before it toasts without the butter.


That aside the flavor combination was quite unexpectedly delicious! I loved the candied peel and spicy oats.

Bottom line here: experiment with granola for yourself! It saves money and you can make it anyway you and your family like!


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