What People Think Really Does Matter

IMG_20151010_120304 There was this video that my husband showed me from Facebook a while back.

A woman goes blind, and she continues

to do things for her husband like making breakfast, and the laundry because “my mother taught me that I must do my husband’s laundry so that his coworkers know that he is loved”.

This touched my heart on so many levels, and it made me realize the importance of my duties as a wife. The importance of this message was highlighted when my husband was harrassed online by his coworkers. My husband is a hardworking man who works 7 days a week. They said things like we should have our child taken away because he is so filthy that our house was probably unsuitable for a child. They said many more things, but that was the part that upset me the most. Little did they know the poverty we lived in a couple years ago. My husband would walk 5 miles a day to work when we lived in a big city while I was in college, and he was attacked by a Mexican gang in the street on his way to work. He was left bleeding on the icy ground and he picked himself up and went to work. This is a man deserving of respect. Little did they know that we went 6 months without a washer and dryer, or vacuum cleaner, or shower. We had a tub, but taking a bath was not something he would do with a grin. Our water pump was contaminated and the water would turn yellow and make us sick. We used to have to sell our plasma for money. We went through so much, and now God has blessed us and we are far from that lifestyle.

My husband had a filthy car, rarely had clean clothes there for a while, I had to hand wash and hang them to dry in the back yard. Things were tough. But now we feel as though we have more than we need, and we were rewarded with our patience. I stopped working due to medical reasons initially, and I was able to focus on the well-being of my husband.

I tell this story because, my husband used to say, ” I don’t care what they think, it doesn’t matter “. That’s what we are taught anyway. But now I know it does matter. It matters because when I didn’t make sure he had clean clothes, or a clean car, I shamed my husband.  Now I know that those little things that bring him honor are the most important. Being a housekeeper, and a good wife is my job. And for the sake of honoring my tired husband, I make sure that he has 3 home cooked meals a day, make sure that he eats healthy, has clean clothes, I make the budget, clip the coupons, coordinate the shopping list, clean out his car, keep a clean home, schedule doctors appointments, wake him up every morning, and nourish our son so that he doesn’t have to burden himself with anything outside of work.

What people think matters because we need to bring glory to our father in heaven by being good examples. My husband is my hero, and he is the most dedicated and gentle man that I know. Though we have shed ourselves of the shell of our old lifestyle, people remember it and will continue to see him that way.

But my husband always tells me how jealous his friends are that he has a wife who makes his lunch, and that he knows he has a hot meal waiting for him when he comes home. In this I have made him proud and set a good example. So when he opens his lunch today, his coworkers will know he is loved.



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