8 Ways: Part 2

IMG_20151010_140329Check back to see it completed , this is currently a work in progress.

For those who haven’t read my first post: For my 8 year anniversary I am showing my husband 8 ways that I love him. (BTW all of which are frugal)

So my husband’s helmet was stolen at work 3 times, and so for this helmet, he asked me to make it unique. It is unique all right! For those of you familiar with the movie Wall-e, you might recognize this little robot.

It has been hard to find the time with the baby to work on it, so it has been slow coming, but his coworkers are already asking me how much I charge because they want a character on their helmet too!

This brings honor to my husband, and shows him that I love him, which fills me with joy! Maybe you could personalize something for your husband, like a lunchbox. If you aren’t a painter, collage it with things that he loves (nothing embarrassing. When in doubt go with something most people like, like Dr. Who, or Star wars if he is into that.)

Just remember, when you go to paint a welders helmet, take out the screen and make sure the paint isn’t flamable. (Don’t use oil based paint. It can take months to dry, and is flamable.)

I used acrylic. The fear is that it will peel. I suggest sanding the plastic first, and making the paint as thin as possible. Do not put a clear coat on top, or it will make it thicker and it will peel faster. Make sure your design is top heavy, you don’t want a lot of paint on the bottom because this will be where it is touched the most.

No fixative! It is flamable. Make sure he has a helmet to borrow while you’re working on it.

Happy Painting!

Like what you see? I would be delighted to know it, and to hear about the ways you honor your spouse. Subscribe for my E-mail and I promise not to disappoint!


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